Educate yourself on how to play in a fair and acceptable manner

General Rules


Cheating is where a player knowingly installs a Hacked Client, an external disallowed program or uses hardware issues in order to benefit from unfair gameplay. All clicking methods except for Normal-, Jitter- and Butterfly Clicking are considered cheating. Please note that there is a ban limit of three Arena and two UHC cheating bans across all of your accounts.

Bug Exploitation

Bug Exploitation is when a player knowingly exploits a server or client issue to either gain an unfair advantage or to break servers features. Players are recommended to report bugs as soon as they are discovered.

DDoS Threats

Threatening to DDoS a player will result in your account being permanently banned.


Doxing is the act of leaking a person’s private data in public chat without their consent. Doing this will result in a permanent ban being issued against you.

Report Abuse

Report Abuse is when a player misuses their ability to report players with the intent to annoy staff or to hinder their work.

IP Ban Evasion

IP Ban Evasion is where a player evades an IP ban. The general rule is that IP bans are issued for punishments related to cheating.

Teaming with IP Ban Evaders

Knowingly benefiting from cheating by teaming with IP ban evaders in UHCs in order to gain an unfair advantage over others will not be tolerated.

Account Sharing

Although account sharing may not always result in your account being banned, we recommend you to not share your account with friends, family or others.

Chat Rules


This is the act of not showing respect by directly insulting other players in chat.

Toxic Behavior

Toxic Behavior is when a player constantly sends toxic messages and complaints in chat that are not directed at a specific player or group of players.


Racism is when a player disrespects a specific player or group of players on grounds of their origin, race or skin color.

Server Advertisement

Server Advertisement is when a player directly or indirectly promotes another Minecraft server.

Death Wishes

Death Wishes may not be articulated in chat and will result in a mute.


Spamming is the act of constantly and repeatedly flooding the chat with messages that have either the same or no real meaning.

Arena Rules

ELO Boosting

ELO Boosting is knowingly manipulating your ratings upwards to gain an unfair advantage.

ELO Dropping

ELO Dropping is purposely manipulating your ratings downwards.

Alting in Ranked

Alting in Ranked is when the same player is playing ranked matches with multiple accounts during the same season.


Camping is purposefully using parts of the map that are hard to access by other players with the intent to gain an unfair advantage in a ranked or tournament match. Warnings will not be issued on camping.


Kiting is the act of continuously running in a ranked or tournament match with the intent to ruin another person's gameplay and to waste their time. Warnings will not be issued on kiting.

UHC Rules


The use of X-Ray and Tracers is not allowed. Please note that there is a ban limit of two X-Raying/Tracers bans across all of your accounts.

Excessive Stalking

Excessive Stalking is continuously stalking a player to the point where it interferes with their own gameplay.


Skybasing means deliberately towering up inside 100x100 or mid-fight with the intent to gain an unfair advantage over a player.


Camping is the act of using the map to purposely delay the game or prevent getting attacked after the 100x100 shrink while refusing to follow the Host’s instructions to either move or fight.


Sacrificing is the act of deliberately dying to another player without a real fight in order to give away your items.

Portal Trapping

Portal Trapping is where a player prevents a player from leaving the nether portal.


iPvP is the act of purposely trying to cause damage to a player before PvP is enabled, or when NoClean is enabled and a player has invincibility.


Griefing is the act of knowingly destroying the map with the intent of ruining gameplay.


Allying is an act where players knowingly break the rules by either teaming in an FFA or going above the team size in a team game in order to have an unfair advantage over other players.

Interfering with Assigned Fights

Interrupting an assigned fight with the intent to cause an unfair fight or to allow a player to gain an unfair advantage during a fight is not allowed.

Assisting in Sacrificing

The receiver side of a sacrifice is forbidden to assist in the sacrifice at all times.

HelpOP Abuse

HelpOP Abuse is when a player misuses his ability to send HelpOP requests.

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